First Race of Young Bird Season

So the first race for the Young Bird season came and went this weekend. The race was supposed to be on Saturday and was delayed due to weather. I felt that day was ok so did a training toss myself and all went well. The race was moved to Sunday and I didn’t think the weather was very good for flying that day so I kept the birds at home.

Racing season about to start

I have been having so much fun with the pigeons. I have also been having a lot of fun with my uncle, the reason why I got into this in the first place. We have been working with each other to help make this enjoyable for both of us. I’m kind of forcing him to do things different than he has in the past but it seems like he is


I have been taking the pigeons out on small training tosses. They have been getting further and further from home each time and now they are in St Catharines. They are doing really well and keep improving their time to get home. I would love to get a video of them coming in from one of these flights but so far they do a really good job of either being

First time away from home

On May 30th I brought the pigeons in a crate for their first time to be released away from their loft. I brought them north 5 km to see how well they do in getting home. This was a first for me to and I was very nervous. It’s hard to just let them go and hope they make it home. They did well and all made it home in

Getting hungry

Well it’s kind of funny. I had my step-son open the aviary a bit early today to give the pigeons some extra exercise. I was a little later home then expected and the pigeons landed to wait. All 14 birds sat in the driveway waiting for me to come home and feed them. This won’t be happening again as I don’t want them to develop any bad habits. They have

Why Pigeons?

I didn’t realize how interesting it was going to be but I took plenty of time to prepare myself for what I was about to get into. I wanted to be sure before getting any birds that I would be prepared for their care. I have now owned pigeons for just under a month and have been thrilled every day with them. They are fun, seem to learn incredibly fast,

New members of the family

I now have gained an additional six birds that have been added to the loft. I was given a couple more birds from my uncle and a couple of club members. They have been very generous with birds and helpful in getting me started. So there is now a total of fourteen birds that are my start into raising pigeons and racing them. I am going to try and train

Third day of liberation

This is the third day that I have let the pigeons out into the world. This time all 8 managed to leave the loft. They flutter around a little but are still mostly just hanging out on my roof and doing very short flights. It does seem as though they want to be together. One will fly back to the aviary to seemingly encourage the last 2 to join them

After 2021 First Liberation

So this is the first time the pigeons are being called in from being let out into the world. Three of them never really left the landing board so their task was pretty easy, they just walked straight in after being called. The idea here is to allow them some freedom to learn. The other five took a while to actually get inside. It was really funny, for some time

2021 First Liberation

This really made me nervous, releasing the birds to the world for the first time was a bit nerve racking. Very quickly I learned I had nothing to worry about. The birds didn’t go far at all and came in when I called for them. This is cut down but I left them to their own devices for about an hour and a half before asking them to come in.