After 2021 First Liberation

So this is the first time the pigeons are being called in from being let out into the world. Three of them never really left the landing board so their task was pretty easy, they just walked straight in after being called. The idea here is to allow them some freedom to learn. The other five took a while to actually get inside. It was really funny, for some time they stood on the roof looking down through the vents. They knew they wanted to be inside as they saw me and the three that were already in eating their share. I believe seeing this added some extra motivation to find the entrance. They finally realized where the entrance was and flew around to the front to come inside. It seems they really look to each other to see what to do. As soon as one came around the rest followed quickly then went inside. They ate, then sat on their perches for the rest of the night. They seemed a little worn out after their adventure today. Now I keep letting them out so they can learn more and get stronger as flyers. It won’t be long now until they kit up and take to the sky!

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