2021 First Liberation

This really made me nervous, releasing the birds to the world for the first time was a bit nerve racking. Very quickly I learned I had nothing to worry about. The birds didn’t go far at all and came in when I called for them. This is cut down but I left them to their own devices for about an hour and a half before asking them to come in. By that point it seemed they were ready to end their venture out anyway. Five of them took this initial leap and three actually retreated into the loft. They mostly used the time they had out to run around the the roof of my house, my garage, the loft, and the cat cages. It really seemed as if they were truly surveying the lay of the land. They were learning what home looks like. They spent a good amount of time exercising their wings and taking little test flights. I was really impressed with their behaviour. They seem inquisitive and playful. The worry I had that when opening the aviary they would all just fly away went to the wayside very quickly. It is going to be fun to see them cruise through the sky.

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