Why Pigeons?

I didn’t realize how interesting it was going to be but I took plenty of time to prepare myself for what I was about to get into. I wanted to be sure before getting any birds that I would be prepared for their care.

I have now owned pigeons for just under a month and have been thrilled every day with them. They are fun, seem to learn incredibly fast, and each one of them has a personality that makes them more fun every day. I have started off with 14 birds that were given to me by club members, my uncle included. They have been awesome, especially as I have been watching them go from hopping around my loft to taking to the skies. It’s a real good feeling to watch them kit up and all fly together and most importantly, come home.

I am really looking forward to my first race but I am also nervous about losing any of these birds I have been bonding with, especially on long races where they are sent places they have never been. This is going to be a fun adventure.

I will post some more video soon of the progress my birds have made. I have also started a website for the pigeon club I have become a member of, it’s a work in progress but check it out here…Niagara Region Pigeon Racing Club

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