Day 6 of Trap Training

The birds have been really responsive and looking like they are settling nicely into their new home. They have yet to be released from the loft but the plan is to open the aviary and let them wander out tomorrow. I put them in the aviary every day before feeding then close the bob wire and call them in to eat. What is getting interesting is my call to get them out into the aviary. They seem to be learning that this is what I expect from them, it’s starting to get to the point that when I tell them to go outside almost all of them are doing it. They seem to be learning that they have to go out first to be allowed back in to eat. They are picking up on the visual queues of the bob wire and trying to dart in as soon as they see it. In this video I set the bob wire then they all bolted inside, I had to remove the trap, get them back outside and then call for them.

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