Spring is coming

I have started a few things, one is getting the lawn ready for the up coming season. I have put down my pre-emergent to help prevent some crab grass and other weed seeds from starting. This won’t eliminate current ones but will help prevent more from seeding into the lawn. A week after that, just yesterday, I applied the first lawn feeding. A nitrogen fertilizer with some iron in it to help green up the grass and strengthen the roots. I’ll try to take pictures through out the season to record what it looks like.

Next was the garden. Started clearing it and getting it ready for this years crops. I am now able to use the compost I spent all last year making for the garden. I am trying to dig as little as possible and not disturb the micro biome in the soil. I am simply adding about an inch or two of compost to the top of the garden. My intention is to do this every year, it will feed the garden soil and reduce my trash as the compost is all yard and food waste. I also put any material from the garden into the compost. I have decided on the strawberry plants I wanted to keep and stripped my strawberry bed clean. I have decided to plant only 6 strawberry plants and have moved them to the other end of the garden. I really like this strain so they should do well and produce nice fruit. I am really looking forward to the Asparagus patch I am planning. I started seeds last year in a pot so I can make sure they will grow nicely and a good crown would form. They are doing fantastic so I have dedicated an area next to our shed that will be my Asparagus patch. Take a look at them as of now living in their pot.

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