Meet a few Kilgour birds

I have learned it is best practice to really track the birds. I need to keep records of them, where they came from, as in the breeder I got them from. I need to really follow their progress and do everything I can to train them well to make sure they get back into the loft on command. Some time probably this upcoming week I will start trap training them. This will ensure that they know how to come back in through the bob wire when they are called. Here are the 8 pigeons that currently live with us on Kilgour.

4001/2021 AKA Ace

Above is the first bird my uncle has given me. I have named him Ace and he seems like a nice bird and is right around the age of the other 7 I currently have.

76/2021 AKA Sally

Above is a Grizzle that I got from one of the pigeon club members. I named her Sally, I really like this bird as she seems really calm and lets me handle her with no issues at all.

55/2021 AKA Freedom

Above is a bird that I believe is a Pied, the colours I am still trying to understand, I will get there. Although it just seems like an average bird to me his number is what inspired his name.

70/2021 AKA Luvie

Above is Luvie she is also a Pied, she kept dodging the camera in this photo shoot. She seems full of energy and friendly.

91/2021 AKA Barney

Barney appears to be the youngest bird in the loft. Barney has also proven to be the quickest learner in the loft. He is trap training really quickly and responding to his training really fast.

51/2021 AKA Xavier

This is Xavier. He is one of the slower learners and is now starting to trap train properly.

62/2021 AKA Thatcher

Thatcher is another dark bird. It’s colour is really coming in and it is starting to look real nice. Thatcher is also pretty slow to respond to its training.

64/2021 AKA Charlotte

Charlotte is the final of my first 8 birds. Also a little slow to learn.

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