It’s really amazing to me how so many people these days give no credit to experts anymore. Everyone thinks they can just do “research” and gain a higher knowledge than individuals who study something on an academic level and pursue a career in a particular field.

Right now we are in the midst of a global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We as Canadians are being asked by our health officials to help curb this virus by protecting ourselves and the people around us. This is a highly infectious air-borne virus that has long lasting repercussions on the human body. The symptoms for this are all over the map, from none at all to respiratory failure. It seems so far from many things I have seen that COVID-19 wreaks havoc on our neural and vascular systems. The damage it causes to the vascular system is something that appears to be permanent or long term, this will reveal itself in time. This will result in long term damage to the lungs, heart and really any part of the body that requires blood, this is all of it. Some people have even had their teeth fall out due to this damage. Others have been struggling with this for months experiencing massive headaches and shortness of breath.

I am not claiming to hold any knowledge that others don’t already have. In fact, in this regard I can only base things on others knowledge of the virus. I am no expert and don’t claim to be. I however do trust experts and believe them. I do my best to inform myself through multiple outlets to ensure I have the best information I can get. It seems today that too many people are resorting to social media for their information. What most are failing to realize is that social media is typically nothing more than a closed loop of alike thinkers. Theories and messages rotating in circles furthering the ignorance of the masses.

We are losing our ability to evaluate information. It is easy to dismiss things we don’t agree with and find information that validates our belief. The harder task is to challenge our own thoughts and ideas to come to a real conclusion that isn’t based on false hoods. We must all challenge ourselves and not get lost in a world we have created in our minds.

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