2021 First Trap Training

The pigeons of Kilgour are now trap training. This is my first attempt ever at training a pigeon. The first step is to get them to come through the bob wire trap. This is something they need to learn so when flying or on race day they know how to get into the loft through the trap. The trap is designed to allow them in but not back out. I need to make sure they are properly trained to do this so they respond well when I actually let them out for the first time. I plan to let them out this week and hopefully I have them trained well enough to come back to the loft when I call. I know the first little bit is going to make me nervous but they are doing well. This video was done April 9th, 2 days after they moved into the loft and I will post another video soon of how they are trapping now that we are a few days into this training.

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