2021 Biden inauguration

I’m watching the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States of America. It seems that Amy Klobuchar is the Master of Ceremonies. I am watching the livestream on PBS. The entire area around the inauguration in Washington DC is locked right down and guarded by thousands of their National Guard. They have covered the national mall with flags instead of huge crowds of people.

Lady Gaga sang the national anthem and she has done a fantastic job with arrangement and vocals.

Kamala Harris was sworn in as Vice President right after that. She seems so happy, it was a touching moment. Harris is the first female elected into such a high position in the United States.

Jennifer Lopez after that sang This land was made for you and me. She sang beautifully.

Chief Justice Roberts is swearing in Joe Biden next as the President of the United States. Amy Klobuchar has now announced and introduced President Biden for his first address.

It’s 11:49 am on January 20th and Biden has been officially sworn in as their next president.

Biden does a real good job not making everything about him. He is trying to convey the importance of coming together and being one nation and undo the un civil war they are currently in. Biden’s speech was very well written and he delivered it in a way that truly shows sincerity.

Garth Brooks is performing amazing Grace in spectacular fashion. He asked all people watching in the audience and at home to sing the last verse with him.

Amanda Gorman, the first national poet laureate in the United States is reading a poem she wrote. A very well written and spoken poem.

So now it’s official, Biden has a lot of work ahead of him, well they all do if they are going to clean up the mess their previous president created. The 45th President was the first in over 150 years to not attend his successors inauguration. The 45th also caused so much distrust throughout the country that on January 6th he provoked a riot to attempt a coup on the United States government where many people were hurt, lawmakers needed to be evacuated, and 5 people died.

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